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And that ladies is why secrateriat is boss

Not only that, but Secretariat utilized something called a double-suspension transverse gallop that allowed him to carry sprint speed over distances of more than half a mile. In a normal, single-suspension transverse gallop there is only one moment where all four hooves leave the ground


in a double-suspension transverse gallop there are two


Secretariat had a stride longer than any other horse, but he also ran elastically, and was able to develop an extraordinary amount of downward-and-backward thrust, thus achieving double-suspension. He ran straighter and more efficiently than any other horse.  

They also made Secretariat lighter by hollowing out his bones and only putting like a gallon of fuel in his tank. I hear rumors that they might have illegally disabled his rev limiter as well!

You gotta do everything you can to win with a double suspension transverse all hoof drive horse.

So I’ve been watching the notes on this pic that I posted like, an eternity ago. And I’ve gotta say, this one takes the cake. I’m glad some good humored people got a hold of it.

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